10 Brilliant Moisturisers to Save Oily, Summer Skin

When it comes to manicures, lip gloss and our favourite reflective Dior sunnies, shine is our friend. But a shiny face? Just no. A dewy complexion, luminous with health, is a wondrous thing, but it can all too quickly transform from dewy when you leave the house to oil slick come lunchtime. For anyone with an oily skin type, this is an all too real scenario that happens on the daily. But come the stifling summer months, we can all suffer from unwanted shine, regardless of our genetics.

The solution can be found in the day cream you choose. Opt for something oil-free and mattifying, formulated to seriously hydrate and encourage luminosity but also limit oil-causing shine, and you’ll no longer be a slave to your powder compact.

“There are several different ingredients used as mattifying agents but dimethicone and silica are two good options to look out for,” explains Dr. Alexis Granite for Kiehl's. The texture of the moisturiser you choose is key, too—“avoid products that contain heavier moisturising ingredients like mineral oil, petrolatum and paraffin. … Typically lotions and gels will be lightest whereas richer creams tend to contain more oil and often have a greasier consistency.”

Keep scrolling for 10 Byrdie-approved mattifying moisturisers that will keep unwanted shine at bay.