"Winter Face" Is Coming, and Here's How to Beat It

Your skin has started to look a little grey, your cheeks have gone a bit scaly and your forehead has seemingly amassed a series of fine lines overnight. Yep, all the telltale signs are there: You've officially got "winter face."

It's not a technical term, but "winter face" is something we all seem to experience this time of year. The weather gets colder, the heating is turned on and we might have even developed a cold too (although we know how to get rid of that fast). These are all things that seem to suck the moisture from deep below the skin's surface, leaving behind a dull, flaky and dehydrated complexion.

So what's the POA? First, upping your water intake is a good place to start. But second, you need to switch up your face cream. We've already taught you about the best moisturisers, but when "winter face" ensues, there's nothing more heavy-hitting than a water-based moisturiser. Like a glass of water for the face, they’ll basically pour hydration into each and every pore to not only bring the bounce back to skin, but they will also reignite that glow. Keep reading to discover the seven best water-based moisturisers that will rehydrate your dehydrated skin.

Okay, now that you've got your skin in check, these eye creams will brighten up your eyes on those dark autumnal mornings.