Why You'll Never Regret Buying This Beauty Product

Quick question: What's your favourite moisturiser? If you're struggling to answer, then we'd hazard a guess that you've never found the right one for your skin. The truth is if you had found The One, we know you'd be shouting it from the rooftops about how wonderful it makes your skin look. A really incredible moisturiser should make your face appear fresh, hydrated and ready for foundation if you're going to apply that, too. You want the feeling of plump and smooth skin that makes you feel like Jennifer Lopez (because come on, that woman's skin is #goals).

While there are some who still think moisturiser is just for dry skin, the truth is there are plenty of different skin types that need moisturisers just as much. From the oilier skins to the acne-prone as well as the dry, we've built a definitive guide to the moisturisers that Byrdie editors love. Keep scrolling for the best moisturisers for every skin type.