French Women Don't Use Face Wash, But They Do Use This

For some cleansing jobs (waterproof mascara, long-wear foundation, a dehydrated pallor, et al) only a robust cleansing oil will do. A corner of every beauty cabinet should be reserved for a selection of cleansing creams, lotions and gels, too, to be brought into rotation when your complexion cries out for their individual merits. But there's a reason that micellar water is the cornerstone of almost any French woman's skincare regimen.

The undisputed champion of the multitasking cleansing world is micellar water. It can be leant on for everything from quick makeup removal (lest we reach for the face wipes), skin freshening and an instant morning cleanse. And unlike other more unctuous formulas, it's super gentle with fragile skin, cleansing efficiently without stripping the surface of all of those natural oils that make the complexion plump and bright.

But don't just reach for any bottle touting the name—not all micellar waters were created equal. In fact, there are only a few we'd trust with our faces, so here we have laid out our rundown of the most efficient micellar water cleansers going. You know what to do.