Always Shiny? These Matte Foundations Have Got You Covered

Matte foundation doesn’t have to be cakey, heavy and one-dimensional, believe it or not. It’s simply the term used to define the formula best suited to a complexion that’s prone to a shiny T-zone. It’s also a good option if you require a more robust coverage that will see you through from a.m. to p.m. without sweat or excess sebum getting in the way. That’s why matte formulas come up time and time again on our list of the best foundations ever.

Even though matte foundations are traditionally powder-based, you can now get your velvety skin fix in a liquid formula that’ll spread across the skin like warm butter, melting in and creating a soft, creamy complexion that looks effortless, not chalky and feels light, not weighty. They’re also worth considering if you have fairly obvious pores, as the lack of oil in the foundation formula means they’re less likely to clog and suffocate skin. It’s also pretty common for matte foundations to contain oil-absorbing ingredients like clay and silica that will mop up any excess shine that might ruin your game face.


Below we’ve pulled out the best matte foundations out there, but heed our application advice first. We’d recommend using a brush or Beautyblender to layer matte foundation on, rather than your fingertips, as the extra coverage that comes part and parcel of matte foundation does need some expert blending to ensure it doesn’t gather at the base of the nostrils or in between your brow furrow. For the best results, start by dabbing your foundation at the centre of your face, and then sweep outwards towards the hair and jawline with your brush or sponge. We swear that it’s the easiest way to get a flawless finish.