Hate Shimmer Eye Shadow? You'll Love These Totally Matte Palettes

Here at Byrdie HQ, it's no secret that we love a glossy eye shadow, but sometimes (especially when you're wanting to create a really intense smokey eye) nothing beats a matte eye shadow.

Because if you find the right formula, a matte eye shadow can have the ability to create both depth and illumination to your eyes—making them appear bigger, doey and way more intense.

Plus, as Katie Jane Hughes (above) shows us, nothing looks chicer than a warm, matte eye shadow.

However, if you get the formula wrong, matte eye shadow can get a little messy. They can be chalky and flat—leaving fallout on your cheeks and a less-than-desirable, blotchy smokey eye.

Therefore, finding the best matte eye shadow palette is key to perfecting your look. We've rounded up our favourites below, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your matte look won't fall flat.