The Mascara Primer That Changes Everything

Is a mascara primer really necessary? It may seem like an extra step that doesn’t do much, but let use assure you, the right formula changes everything!

It Cosmetics’ Tightline Full Lash Length Mascara Primer ($24) actually streamlines your morning makeup process, instead of adding an extra step. How? It’s black, instead of white, and the brush is so small that it can get incredibly close to the root of your lashes, which is where this primer really does its magic. The formula fills in the spaces between your lashes, providing the look of the thinnest stroke of eyeliner.

As a contact lens wearer, I love that I can get a full lash line look without actually getting a pencil anywhere near my eyes. And since it’s black, you don’t have to worry about covering any pesky patches of white left over. It’s not unusual for me to spend ten minutes working on my lashes in the morning, but in just a few seconds, this primer completely transforms your look. If you make only one addition to your lash product wardrobe, make it this one.