You're Bound to Find Your Ultimate Mascara in Our Comprehensive List of the Best

Finding the best mascara is a very personal thing. After all, there are many variables involved: the shape of your eyes, the quality of your lashes, the look you want to achieve, the mascara formula and the type of wand you prefer. And believe it or not (having worked in beauty for over 10 years), I see the same mascaras crop up in beauty editors’ makeup bags and best-mascara compilations time and again. That said, I’ve discovered the mascaras that really deliver.


From luxury options to inexpensive go-tos, mascaras don’t have to cost a lot to work. All you want them to do is make your lashes as incredible as possible without having to reach for the falsies (unless you’d like to!). Here, we’ve narrowed down the best mascaras on the market that have been tried and tested—and we’re telling you where you can buy them.