Beautician Magician: 10 Magic Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

Witnessing a makeup artist like Lauren Andersen contour, highlight, and define is a bit like watching a magician perform. Lines, bags, and spots that were once there suddenly vanish and are replaced by smooth skin, defined cheekbones, and wide-awake eyes. It’s enough to make us want to jump to our feet and give a round of awestruck applause.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a makeup artist to work her magic on us on a daily basis. Fortunately, we here at Byrdie have interviewed quite a few of them and picked up some of their handiest tricks along the way. Today, we’re sharing 10 magical makeup tricks that will do everything from slim your nose to grow your lashes to new lengths—no top hat or bunny required.

Channel your inner beautician magician and click through the slideshow above for 10 must-know makeup tricks!