The #1 Trick Every Expert Uses for Long-Lasting Makeup

Setting sprays were definitely invented for a reason (probably partly so that people would stop putting hair spray on their faces). Despite the fact that many might think putting a quick spritz of super-hold hair spray on their mugs is a great fix, the truth is that it's basically like putting glue on your face (which is pretty much what hair spray is). And we don't need to tell you that's a bad idea (read this Reddit forum if you need further proof). The thing is there are plenty of actual products that are a) good for your skin, and will b) do a great job of making sure your makeup stays put. 

First, perhaps it would be useful to tell you just why setting spray is such a great investment. Essentially, it stops your makeup from slipping all over your face. Whether you have a shinier complexion than most or because it's midsummer and you want to minimise the "just got out of a sauna" look, setting sprays are your best friend when it comes to makeup. As usual, we've turned to our trusty friend, the internet, to recommend the best around. Thanks to Rank & Style, we have the official list of the nine best setting sprays that will mean your makeup won't move an inch.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the best setting sprays according to the internet.