The #1 Trick Every Expert Uses for Long-Lasting Makeup

Setting sprays can take your makeup from “done” to “ta-da” in one quick step. Not only are they great at fixing your makeup in place (that’s also why you’ll often see a setting spray referred to as a fixing spray), but many are also packed with skin-friendly ingredients that act as a final skincare step on top of your makeup.

But what do setting sprays do? Essentially, a final spritz of a setting spray will stop your makeup from slipping all over your face. Whether you’ve got oily skin and find that your foundation’s gone awry by 1 p.m., or your skin is dry and makeup goes claggy after a few hours of wear, finding the best setting spray for you helps to eliminate the issue of makeup walkabouts.

Not only that, but a setting spray can also be used to refresh your makeup during the day. Then there are the setting spray hacks that can allow your makeup to go even further, but more on those later. For now, let’s focus on which you should buy. We’ve rounded up the very best setting spray for you—whether you want a matte, dewy or über–long-lasting finish.

Keep scrolling for our guide to the best-setting sprays.