6 Makeup Kits That Actually Contain Everything You Need


Charlotte Tilbury

Don’t get me wrong—I love mixing and matching makeup brands as much the next beauty addict. My cosmetics bag is an eclectic amalgamation of luxury, drugstore and Insta-famous products that somehow slot seamlessly together. But there’s something special about a makeup kit, isn’t there? When you use it, you feel safe in the knowledge that a handful of experts have curated each item and shade to complement one another. There’s no wondering whether your peach blush is jarring against your golden highlighter, and you certainly won’t be questioning their eye shadow and lipstick combinations. Someone else has done the job of colour-matching your cosmetics for you, and all you have to do is apply each product in an orderly fashion to create one in-sync look. Not to mention that makeup sets are perfect for those who are jetting off on holiday. Rather than fretting over packing lists, you can chuck a does-it-all box of essentials in your suitcase and go. If that sounds like your kind of travel prep, keep scrolling because we’ve rounded up the six best makeup kits.