Do Your Makeup on The Commute? You Need These

There is no shame in doing your makeup on your morning commute. The once taboo act of applying cosmetics in public (shock, horror!) is no longer such a big deal. We are busy working women, and some mornings (okay, most), we'll have a crack-of-the-dawn meeting, a date with the gym or just a snooze-button incident, so it makes sense to multitask makeup application with travel while listening to the latest podcast that takes our fancy—because we're clever like that. Of course, whatever your preferred mode of transport, you want to ensure that the products you use are easy enough to apply on the go; we're talking products that incorporate mirrors, formulas that work on more than one part of your face, and crucially anything that doesn't require a ton of brushes. Because if you have a brush in one hand and the product in the other, no one's going to hold that mirror for you. Keep scrolling for the Byrdie-approved makeup products you can use on the go.

Do you apply makeup on your way to work? Or do you think it's a big no-no? Let the debate commence in the comments box below.