These Makeup Books Will Teach You So Much More Than Any YouTube Tutorial

Makeup books: What's the point, right? In the age of the YouTube tutorial, Insta makeup explanations and products that are easier to use than ever before, you'd be forgiven for believing that makeup books are just a waste of coffee table space, but you'd be wrong. Where once beauty skills and knowledge were only available to professional makeup artists, the democratisation of this information, largely spurred on by social media, means that if an author wants to launch a beauty book, they have to bring their A game. Rather than basic product guides or hard-to-follow diagrams, the new wave of makeup manuals and guides teach you so much more than any YouTube tutorial, from the history of your makeup bag to everything you need to know about eye makeup.

So make room on your bookshelf—keep scrolling for the five most useful makeup books you'll want to live your life by.