These Are the 21 Best Makeup Products Ever Made

So many beauty products, so little time. With beauty shelves brimming with new products for us to get our hands on, finding your holy grails isn't all that easy. After all, most of us have tested out 10 lipsticks just to find one that's right for us. To be honest, with so many dreamy products around, it's really a great time to be alive. But we've decided to make things easier for you so you can spend less time browsing. Ahead are the all-time greats. Some are new, and others are classics (with some surprises in the mix). Most importantly, these are the best makeup products that should always have a place in your routine. If we were dishing out awards, none of them would leave empty-handed. These unrivalled formulas and shades are what you need to get your hands on immediately.