7 Long-Lasting Foundations—Recommended by Makeup Artists

Shopping for a base that mops up oil or gives good glow is the easy part. But finding a foundation that doesn't disappear before lunch? Yeah, not so easy. Primer helps, but a truly long-lasting foundation is the holy grail, and nobody knows that better than the people who make a living out of putting on makeup. 

Think about it: Makeup artists need their work to last on shoots in dreamy (yet sweaty) climes, on 15-hour days in the studio, and when a famous client has a red carpet run. The real pros test everything in a bid to discover a base that lasts, and we want in on their secrets. After all, we're sick of our once-flawless base slipping off too fast. Aren't you?  

So we quizzed seven top makeup artists on their go-to long wear foundations for celebrity clients, lengthy shoot days and weepy weddings. Keep scrolling to see their favourite picks…

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Opening Image: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock