I've Rekindled My Romance With Liquid Lipstick and We've Never Been Happier

We've had a bit of a rocky ride, liquid lipstick and I. When the formula reached the fore a couple of years ago, obviously, I gave our relationship my best shot. It was my job after all. But alas, it was nothing more than a short fling; an illustrious holiday romance fueled by heady dreams of long-lasting pigments and suede-finish matte textures that inevitably ended in heartache. And I went running back to my old faithful: the trusty lipstick bullet.

Back then I just couldn't find a single liquid lipstick formula that didn't hoover up every last drop of moisture in my lips. Yes, they delivered in colour saturation, but for the weeks our romance ensued, my lips better resembled two tiny rashers of streaky bacon—that's how dry and shrivelled up they had become. And nobody wants bacon lips.

Recently, I toyed with the idea of revisiting our romance once more, and guess what—liquid lipstick has changed. The new pool of formulas might still not be as moisturising as lip balm, but they won't leave your lips pleated and crispy either. And for the gloriously high-impact and unwavering colour they provide, I think that's an acceptable compromise, don't you?

While I'm all for monogamy in my personal life, when it comes to makeup, I can't help but be a little polyamorous, so I've pulled out my five favourite liquid lipsticks—I've no doubt they'll show you a good time too.