The Best Lipsticks to Match Your Every Mood

Remember mood rings? Those mysterious accessories that (supposedly) changed colour based on your emotions? We’ll never forget watching them turn from purple to green to deep, murky blue, marveling at how our complex emotions could be surmised so easily with one tiny object.

Since then, we’ve (thankfully) graduated onto more sophisticated accessories, but our penchant for wearing our mood on our sleeve—er, body—remains. Which might explain why we’ve dedicated an entire drawer in our bathroom to housing our lipstick collection, and why we’re touting around at least 10 shades in our bag at any given moment. We’re lipstick addicts, loud and proud, and see the tubes of glossy, matte, glittery, and sheer pigments as the utmost form of self expression. If that sentiment speaks to you, then you’ll enjoy what you’re about to see. We’ve gathered 18 lipsticks that surmise our wide range of emotions with just one swipe—keep scrolling to see what they are!