Finally: 3 Lip-Plumping Products That Actually Rival Fillers

With the days of the #KylieJennerChallenge far behind us (phew), it's now safe to declare that the beauty industry has replaced lip-plumping insanity with innovation: Running parallel to the rise of discreet fillers among the millennial set, a new array of products promises to deliver similar effects, no needles necessary. And while it's difficult to really mimic the volume, efficiency, and long-lasting impact of fillers, there are a handful of topical lip treatments that really do come close. 

In the video above, I highlight a few of those really impressive products. Watch to see them in action (spoiler: you do see at least one of them work instantaneously, and it's kind of insane), and get more details on each one of them and how they work below.