Lip Oils: The Best Thing to Happen to Your Lips in a Long Time

Straddling that wide gap in the lipstick market between hydrating lip balms and lacquer-finish lip glosses, lip oils are a sort of makeup/skincare hybrid that offers up a favourable solution in terms of both hydration and colour. First and foremost, they're an oil that (as you'd expect) plies lips with a sleeping bag of moisture. But as they're far lighter than a buttery lip balm, they're way more enjoyable to wear if you're not big on coating your lips in anything weighty.

The reason I'm such a massive fan of lip oils, however, is all down to their colour. Now, you're never going to get an opaque block of high-pigment colour here. No, lip oils offer a tint more in line with a sheet of cellophane: It's glossy, it's juicy and it simply tones your lips to a subtle shade. Think of it like the colour filter tool on Instagram. Considering I struggle keeping lipstick in place for more than 10 minutes, the best lip oils are just the very level of maintenance I can manage. Quite frankly, they're bloody brilliant.

Now, there aren't many around, so to help you figure out which lip oil will work for you, I've picked out the ones that I've grown to love, including luxe options from beauty's biggest heavyweights as well as affordable drugstore alternatives.