Beauty Editors Agree: These Are the 10 Best Lip Balms Ever

Pucker up, because we’re about to guide you through the very best lip balms on the market to help you achieve super-soft, kissable lips in seconds.

First things first: Why do we need lip balm?

“Lips don’t have oil glands,” explains Lanolips creator Kirsten Carriol. “We subject them to waxy lipsticks and heating, which dries them out and the poor things cannot self-hydrate. Often people lick their lips when they are dry, but the digestive juices in your saliva will also dry your lips out, making them worse. So we need to replenish the moisture and look after them with a nourishing lip balm.”

But won’t using lip balm make our lips reliant on it?

Not necessarily. Annee de Mamiel, founder of De Mamiel, tells us: “Not if you use a balm that contains natural and nourishing ingredients rather than a barrier product.” Carriol expands on that: “If they are waxy or petroleum-jelly based products, they have the effect of drying lips out, which therefore makes lips more reliant on them.

“If you use a natural moisturiser like Lanolin then lips do not rely on lip products, as they will naturally hydrate lips. Lanolin locks moisture in helping to retain the moisture in the lips—I put a layer of Lanolips 101 Ointment on my lips before bed each night and wake each morning to moisturised, hydrated lips that are ready to face the day.”

It is worth noting that while barrier products like petroleum jelly don’t actively hydrate the lips, they can be useful for locking in moisture by quite literally forming a barrier over lips, which is why some people swear by products like Vaseline.

What ingredients should we look out for?

As previously mentioned, lanolin is a super-effective moisturiser for all tricky skin areas. De Mamiel also tells us: “To my mind, the best ingredients for a lip balm are nourishing and moisturising ingredients such as calendula, monoi and evening primrose—for me, they deliver both sensorial delight, and supple, sweetly scented lips.”

Other hydration heroes include shea butter and urea or glycerin which help retain moisture in the skin. Sunscreen is also a serious selling point when looking for the best lip balms.

Anything else we should be doing to keep lips soft?

Once or twice a week, gently exfoliate lips with a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar. This will help remove any dead or dry skin and refresh your pout. Once you’ve picked your perfect match from our edit of the best lip balms, apply between once and four times a day to keep lips soft and smooth.

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