7 Leave-In Conditioners for When Hair Needs a Little Extra Something

There comes a time (in between haircuts, after a period of heavy heat usage or when the weather is a bit grim, aka now) that hair needs an extra helping hand. You can apply all the hair masks you want and while they will make a difference, for real results, what you really need is a daily treatment that will remedy that dry, dull look in an instant. And it's for these cases that we'd recommend leave-in conditioners.

Yes, they sound pretty old-school, but just like your moisturiser does for your face, the best leave-in conditioners will supply hair with a continuous stream of hydration that will keep it looking glossy and bouncy all day long. And nowadays, as haircare goes high tech, they all contain a long list of the most potent haircare ingredients that are proven to make a difference. Below you'll find we've cherry-picked the very best formulas for a spectrum of different hair needs and concerns to help you work out exactly which one is for you.