Skin That's Both Dehydrated and Sensitive? Then You Should Try These Serums

Sensitive skin is usually subjected to the "you can't sit with us" mood from a lot of skincare products. No one deserves to be left out from the beauty conversation, but as so many skincare products come packed with potent ingredients that can irritate skin, it can often feel that way. 

If your skin is dry or dehydrated on top of being sensitive, then it can feel even more frustrating to find a balance of ingredients that will add ample moisture without suffocating the skin. But serums can really help, especially if you choose wisely. There are plenty of formulas out there that contain just enough of an active ingredient to make a difference to the moisture levels of the skin without tippling sensitive complexions into an irritated frenzy. We've done some digging and pulled out the best hydrating serums for sensitive skin.