7 Best Masks to Rejuvenate Your Tired Winter Hair

It's a common misconception that our hair only needs the hydrating powers of an at-home mask in the summer. In winter, the sub-zero temperatures and central heating can sap moisture from your hair in no time. So while we need to give our hair a much-needed hit of hydration when we're on a beach holiday, we need to take the same approach during the winter months too. And while we would all love to luxuriate in a bath bedecked in all types of hair, face and body masks, if you only have a few minutes to plop on a hair mask while you shave your legs in the shower then that's better than nothing. Keep a wide tooth comb in your bathroom to distribute the mask evenly through your mid length and ends to ensure every last strand benefits from the treatment. Keep scrolling for the Byrdie edit of hydrating hair masks that are like a tall glass of water for even the most parched or heat-damaged hair.