I Have Acne-Prone Skin, and This One Ingredient Always Soothes My Flare-Ups

In general, I pretty much make it my mission to drown myself in face masks. I love them, and if there were only one category of skincare product I could ever use again, I'd choose my widespread collection of gel, cream and powder face masks over cleansers, serums and lotions any day. Of course, I'm always trying new elixirs, spreading their promising contents over my acne-prone face with hopeful abandon, but I've also amassed a certain collection of formulas I've found to do more for my easily irritated skin—and sneaky breakouts—than any other. So I did some sleuthing to find out if my favourites shared a certain X factor as far as their ingredient makeup, and lo and behold, my inner Nancy Drew made an enticing discovery. All of my favourite face masks have one all-star ingredient as a common thread: honey.

Since honey is a natural bacteria-killer and humectant (aka moisture-locker), this finding isn't all that earth-shattering. After all, whenever I rinse off one of my favourite honey-infused face masks, I notice my skin is far more even, brighter, and less red and angry due to my inevitable cycle of blemishes. I'm also convinced the stuff has actually sped up their healing time.