Whatever You Do, Don't Forget to Pack These Products for Your Next Holiday

When it comes to holiday beauty, skincare largely remains front and centre of our packing priorities. We bring along multiple sheet masks for the flight, countless serums to replenish moisture reserves post-sun, and a face mist to keep firmly planted next to us in the sand for hourly cooldowns.

But despite covering way more skin that our faces, our bodies go a little neglected. Yes, of course, we pack suncream to keep us from frazzling, but upping the ante on our body skincare regimen could have countless benefits too, not least extending the lifespan of that glow we're about to acquire.

With that in mind, we've pulled together a rundown of the non-negotiable holiday body products that travel with us to every beach holiday, from the sun creams I know I can depend on to the skin highlighters that make limbs gleam.