The Beauty Products Byrdie Editors Never Leave UK Soil Without

When suitcase space is at a premium (and even when it is not), the skill of smart packing is certainly one to covet. Yes, you can fill your shoes with shampoo bottles, wrap as many lotions around your towels as possible and tesselate your eye shadow palettes all you like. But as seasoned holidayers and beauty experts, we have one key learning to share on the matter: Hardworking, multi-purpose items are definitely where it's at when it comes to holiday beauty products.

We're talking hair products that omit the need for extra styling tools and face oils that do the work of multiple serums. It's a tactic that works especially well if you're looking to maximize room for all those basket bags and sundresses you're hoping to bring back from the local markets.

Considering we've packed our fair share of toiletries over the years, we thought we'd share the holiday beauty products that get wheeled out every time we travel.

Better get packing now that you've figured out your beauty-packing strategy.