The Beauty Product You Should Never Leave Out of Your Routine

Highlighter makeup, and where to find the best, has been on our minds ever since Kim Kardashian West announced that she was done with contouring and was all about strobing and the "nontouring" trend (using a highlighter and no bronzer). Over the past year or so, we've also given up on the doing the contouring thing as much with our focus turning to making our skin look as dewy and glowing as possible (you know, like you've had a facial). The answer, other than ensuring you're looking after your skin as best as possible, is using a highlighter to add just the right amount of sheen to your skin. 

Which leads us nicely to our round-up of the best highlighter makeup on the market right now. From sticks that cost as little as £5 to the more expensive powders that give your complexion that enviable candlelit glow, as well as creams you can mix into your foundation for an all over pick-me-up, we've got an option for everyone. Keep scrolling to click through the best highlighter products, and don't worry, there's not a glitter particle in sight.