This Is the #1 Secret to Professional-Looking Highlighter Every Time

One wrong move and your highlighter application can go left really quickly. There's a very fine line between a perfectly dewy glow and stage-makeup territory—especially when it comes to highlighting. Finding the right highlighter for your skin tone is half of the battle, but getting the tools right is what will really take you over the finish line.

Just like with the rest of your tools, you'll notice a difference in the finish of your makeup when using the right ones. This also goes for choosing a highlighter brush. When you've found the one, you can rest assured that you'll always have a pro-level and believable finish. Trust us—the brushes below will assure your highlight is so on point that others will need sunglasses. We've sorted through the best of the best and found the highlighter brushes you need to add to your beauty toolbox.