My 5 Favourite Healthy Breakfasts, by Lindsay Ellingson


Lindsay Ellingson

Growing up I, like most kids, loved waking up to a bowl of sugary cereal. But what I loved even more were my mum’s homemade breakfasts. She enjoyed cooking for me and my sisters. My absolute favourites were her bran muffins, egg sandwiches, and apple-walnut oatmeal. I’m going to be totally honest: I did not inherit my mum’s love of cooking. As an adult, I’ve been guilty of skipping breakfast altogether only to end up feeling hangry later. That’s why I’m realistic about my breakfast choices. I rely on quick, healthy meals that are perfect for women who are constantly on the go.

Keep scrolling to learn my five favourite morning meals, including what I love to indulge on for weekend brunch. (There are a few beauty secrets in here as well!)

What are your easy go-to breakfasts? We want to know! Share in the comments below.

Opening Image: Marcos Dinners