Love Hats, Hate Hat Hair? These Styles Are the Answer

We’re calling it: The only time you should go without a hat this season is when there are gale-force winds blowing—at every other given moment, you should embrace them. The world of couture did at the A/W 17 shows and we want in. Parisian berets, fluffy beanies, felt fedoras… There’s a hat for every occasion. Need a commute-friendly head hug? Beanies are the answer. Country walks and brunches? A suave sou’wester will have your back.

What happens when you take the hat off however is an entirely different matter, and something that’s left us perplexed. Are there really hairstyles out there that look just as good dressed with or without that extra attire? We think so. All it takes is a little thought and some clever hair product and you won’t have to fret about ‘hat hair’ when you do the big reveal. Keep scrolling for the five hairstyles that survive hats.