The 12 Best Hand Creams That Are As Hardworking As Your Other Skincare Buys


Stocksy / Beatrix Boros

The best hand cream is one that protects from sun damage, prevents fine lines and brown spots, repairs existing damage and leaves skin (as well as cuticles) soft and supple. Oh, and it needs to sink in fast. Thankfully, there are new-gen hand creams and some cult classics that do all those things and more. More? Yes, and one even prolongs the wear of your manicure.

Not a fan of creamy textures? We hear you, which is why we've included an oil and multiple serums that do the job of a hand cream without any residue.

And while some of these hand creams may be pricier than your average, it's worth remembering that our hands are often the first places to show the signs of ageing because they're always out in the open—being ravaged by the environment, over-zealous anti-bac use or too much washing up (dull as dishwater, literally) can accelerate the ageing process to no end. Here we reveal the 12 best hand creams.