Byrdie Editors Always Get Compliments When They Wear Their Hair Like This

There are two things Byrdie HQ collectively agrees can perform a 180 on our moods on even the most hair-pulling of bad days: a conveniently timed compliment and/or an absolutely killer hair day. Of course, there are plenty of other things that make us feel happy and fulfilled falling under a slightly less superficial umbrella, but there's nothing wrong with admitting the confidence- and smile-boosting effect of something as easy as saying something nice or nailing your curl technique, right?

So we thought we might as well pay it forward and combine all of the above by showcasing the specific hairstyles five of our editors consistently get complimented on and asked about the most. Be it at work, via Instagram, or in the bathroom at a bar—seriously, tipsy girls in bathrooms are some of the most congratulatory and kindest we've experienced. Curious to know which hairstyles have served Byrdie HQ best for gaining a litany of compliments? Keep scrolling… Yes, texture and body are most definitely a theme.