Here's How to Work Out If You're Using the Right Hairbrush or Not

It's a stalwart of every hair kit, but quite often our choice of hairbrush comes down to personal preference rather than suitability to our hair type and texture. You might raise a skeptical "so what?"–style eyebrow, but experts agree that decoding which brush is right for you can make all the difference. 

According to Anna Chapman, session stylist and founder of Session Kit (which, for the record, is where all the pros shop for hair tools and equipment), there really is a difference between hairbrushes. "There are so many differing factors to hairbrushes (size, shape, bristle type, etc.), and using the right hairbrush for your hair type is essential to managing your hair yourself at home," she explains. 




So how do you know which one to pick? Rather than shop blindly, we've called upon some of the industry's most revered hair experts to weigh in on the matter so you can rest assured that when you swipe that brush through your hair, you're giving it the best possible treatment.

Keep scrolling as we unpack the best hairbrush for every hair type.