This Product Will Make Your Hair as Glossy as Meghan Markle's


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We’re going to make a bet with you. Right now, we bet your hair is drier than usual, owed to the annual havoc that winter wreaks on your strands. Between the cold weather outside and the central heating inside, your hair is fighting a losing battle on all fronts, and while conditioner and hair masks will help, it’ll take a little more to soothe the resulting frizz.

That’s where hair serum steps in: Its thirst-quenching properties can work wonders on an embattled head of hair, restoring shine, hydration, smoothness and strength all at once, and can make styling a doddle—exactly what we need on these midweek mornings. And we’re not just talking any shiny hair here. The best hair serums will leave your hair as impossibly glossy and photogenic as Meghan Markle’s, as long as you use one of these Byrdie-approved formulas.