This Is the Easiest Way to Refesh Your Colour Without Going to the Salon

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly coloured hair, is there? In my case, when I leave the hairdresser’s after a full head of highlights, my hair feels and looks brighter, shinier, blonder and more brilliant than ever.

But three or so weeks (I can never quite pinpoint when it happens) later, I’ll look in the mirror and think, Huh? Where did my nice, shiny, bright colour go? It’s not that my roots have taken over yet—it’s just that the colour has faded, the shine has gone and my hair, in general, seems way duller.

Sure, there are purple shampoos that help to eradicate brassiness, but I’ve always found it’s not necessarily brassiness that’s the problem. Personally, I don’t like my hair super ashy—I like it bright and creamy (and that’s what’s hard to maintain).

It’s annoying, to say the least. And up until recently, I thought it was just something you had to live with (like the fact that fake tan will always go a bit crusty if you don’t exfoliate well enough). However, I recently discovered a whole genre of hair treatments that actually stop your colour fade from happening. The best part? They cost as little as £20.

Enter hair glaze (sometimes referred to as “hair gloss,” depending on the product). It’s a genius hair treatment that not only brightens your colour back to its original “just left the salon” brilliance but also adds megawatt shine and in some cases, even adds a brand-new hint of colour.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, I can confirm it’s not. I stumbled across the hair glaze treatment whilst trying out Kevin Murphy’s Sugared Angel, a brightening hair glaze for blondes. Developed by (my now hair hero) Kevin Murphy, this range of hair colour enhancers was made to stop models’ hair becoming heavy and dull throughout the day on photoshoots.

There are a few different formulas for different hair colours, but Sugared Angel (the one I love) uses specially selected pigments to mute unwanted warmth while also helping to enhance and create vanilla, beige and toffee tones. You apply it to wet hair for three to five minutes before washing it out. Then, as you blow-dry, you’ll notice that your hair is back to its salon-fresh goodness.