How to Update Your Gym Wardrobe Without Spending a Tonne

We get it: Fitness habits all too often fall by the wayside. And it's nothing to worry about. We all have those weeks where we just can't seem to move our bodies. But If there's one thing that is pretty effective at coaxing even the most reluctant of bodies back into that yoga class, running club or weights routine, it's the allure of a new gym kit.

Call us superficial, sure. But just like a fresh, new pencil case fit with all the stationary an 11-year-old could dream of, there's something about new gym clothes (even if it's just a fancy new sports bra or pair of trainers) that gives us a newfound wave of energy.

Now is certainly the time to invest, too, as the summer sales have spread to some of the most popular fitness stores like Nike, Lululemon and ASOS, so you can get a whole new gym wardrobe without affecting your bank balance too much. Below, we've shared our edit of the best gym clothes sale buys to order before they sell out.