The Best Gradual Tans (So Easy You Could Use Them Blindfolded)

The best fake tan gives you gorgeously bronzed skin and an overall glow that is perfect for adding life back into a lacklustre winter complexion. But sometimes you want something that's not so full on, something that's a little subtler for the cooler months. That product is the gradual fake tan. Not only that but during the autumn and winter, we like to hide away and practice a bit of hygge. We want our gradual tan to work quickly so we don't have to spend hours drying off without wearing much.

Also, we're busy people, and we know you are too, which is why we value that a great gradual fake tan can save so much time. The faffing involved with giving yourself a traditional fake tan at home can be fairly time-consuming. What with all the shaving, exfoliating and moisturising, before you even whip out a bottle of your favourite tanning mousse, you end up spending a whole evening attempting to look like you just returned from the south of France.


So when you're in a rush or, quite frankly, just exhausted, you need another way to get that bronzed glow. The beauty of the gradual fake tan is that it skips a lot of the processes involved with a classic fake tan yet ensures you look like you've had a sun-drenched mini break. Even better, it often comes in moisturiser form, making it easier to apply and less likely to streak. Below, we've pulled out a selection of the best gradual fake tan products and why we love them.