The Top 5 Gel Polishes, According to the Internet

Frankly put, the moments following our first-ever gel manicure a couple of years back were reminiscent of love at first sight. As former devotees to plain ol’ regular nail polish, we couldn’t believe the difference—or how shiny and immaculate our newly gelled tips looked. We haven’t looked back since and are pretty much addicted to the confidence boost a new gel job induces (which, if we may be so bold, is eerily similar to the one immediately following a fresh blowout or cut).

Since many of our favourite polish brands have also jumped on the gel bandwagon, it’s now easy to achieve that same pristine (and chip-resistant) finish that we coveted for so long at the salon. Trust us—combined with the right application techniques, no one can tell the difference (we have a collection of compliments to prove it). However, with so many gel products available to us, how do we know which ones will deliver the durable, super-shiny tips that we crave? For unparalleled expert advice, we turned to our friends at Rank & Style (who deliver epic lists of the top fashion and beauty products according to the Internet) to clue us in on the top five gel polishes that money can buy. If you’re as obsessed with the perfect paint job as we are, you’re going to want to keep reading. Scroll down for the top five gel polishes!