Breaking Up With Your Moisturiser This Summer? Have an Affair With This Instead

Come the hot and humid summer months, your regular moisturiser may feel a bit too cloying, clingy and overly stuffy. Why not try a summer fling with a gel moisturiser instead? It's a genius idea and one that I got from our Facebook group The British Beauty Line. One of the group put out the question: "Hey gals. I love the texture of moisturising gels for summer—does anyone have any recommendations? Xo." It was a drugstore buy (featured below) that got the biggest thumbs-up from those who responded.

Here I've pulled together nine gel moisturisers that are lighter than regular day creams. They are ideal for anyone with spot-prone skin, as many of them are oil-free. Most are also packed with hyaluronic acid, so they're a godsend for anyone who suffers from a dehydrated, tight-feeling complexion at this time of year. Dive into our edit of the best gel moisturisers below and prepare to feel refreshed by just reading about them.

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