Why the Best Full-Coverage Foundations Don't Feel Full-Coverage at All

News flash: The best full-coverage foundation formulas don't feel full-coverage at all. Yes, they'll even out skin tone, blur out any areas of hyperpigmentation, and they'll give skin the texture of cashmere, velvet, silk or whatever luxury-fabric finish you're going for. But the true marker of a high-quality foundation, in the Byrdie book anyway, is when it does all of the above whilst feeling (and looking) like you're wearing nothing at all.

What we're talking about here are high-tech, lightweight, foundation-skincare hybrids that never gather, crease or cake, but sit quietly on the skin's surface, allowing your newfound glowy skin to shine through. And yes, such makeup marvels do exist. But it's taken the Byrdie beauty team's collective know-how to pull together the ultimate list of the formulas to suit every skin tone and type.