The Cult Skincare Products French Women Love

Talking about French women and their beauty routines feels a bit like beating a dead horse at this point. We can analyse, prod, and decipher, but at the end of the day, their much-sought-after je ne sais quoi is simply that—something that can’t be explained. And yet, here we are—still inexplicably fascinated by every single part of their beauty routines, especially their skincare rituals (or lack thereof). At the end of the day, we’ve fully accepted the fact that we will never be French—but what’s the harm in a little a lot of research? With that in mind, you’ll find 10 cult skincare products effortlessly chic French women like makeup artist Violette Serratt and actress Clémence Poésy swear by. Because if we can’t be French women ourselves, the next best thing is learning all their beauty secrets (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves as we add yet another product to our shopping cart…).

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