The One Beauty Product French Girls Never Use (That You Love)

After seven long years, I finally made it back to Paris. I lived there for six months in 2010 and naturally fell wistfully in love. I rode around on the back of a Vespa, drank wine with lunch, and consumed more bread and cheese than I ever thought possible. What I didn't explore, however, were the French beauty products. I brought my favourites with me from home, and because of the length of my stay, never needed to repurchase anything. At the time, I didn't quite understand the allure that was the French pharmacy. (I was just 20 years old, after all.)

Now that I was planning a trip back—for Paris Fashion Week, no less—it was my mission to explore all things French beauty. I interviewed pros in the industry and a few French friends to get a real feel for the trends and hero products in the city I, if only for a moment, called home. After all of it, I realised what I covet as an American is vastly different from Parisians. Keep reading to find out which products didn't make the cut.