7 Model-Approved Skin Tips That Are 100% Free

We understand that models, as a group, have won the genetic lottery. But it still baffles us how they maintain beautiful glowing skin all. the. time. In theory, between the long flights, late nights, early call times, and the loads of makeup they wear on a regular basis, they should have breakouts, uneven skin tones, and rough texture up the wazoo. Alas (as we’ve witnessed firsthand), that is not the case. One answer is that they have all-star estheticians on call, ready and willing to zap a zit or clear a pore at a moment’s notice. Or perhaps their medicine cabinets are lined with the best luxe products money can buy. While both of these speculations may be true, most models actually have a wealth of mostly free—yes, free—beauty tips and tricks they rely on.

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