As the Weather Gets Colder, Don't Get Caught Out by This Foundation Mistake



When the weather starts getting a little chillier and we begin wrapping our bodies in copious layers of cashmere, it can be all too tempting to cosset our faces underneath a thick, rich layer of foundation. We may have been all about the glow for the entirety of summer, but there's something about the crisp air of winter that makes us want to switch to heavier coverage (we're cold, okay?). However, these actually aren't the best foundations for winter.

The cold snap and rising central heating temperatures are set to zap our skin of any moisture it's currently clinging on to, so why would we want to make it look even drier by coating it in a matte foundation? If you ask me, throughout the winter, you want to stick with the glow-giving foundation you enjoyed all summer. Rather than matte formulas, you want your winter foundation to come full of skin-loving ingredients to reinject moisture with a serum texture to provide skin with that ethereal dewiness it so desperately needs.

With that in mind, I've picked out the nine best foundations for winter. These ones will make you look just as glowy as you did at the height of summer.