From Israel to Japan: The Best Beauty Finds From Overseas

As Nelly would say, it’s getting hot in herre—and subsequently, our beauty routines are in need of a serious refresh. If you’re feeling less than inspired by your tried-and-true favourites, allow us to open your eyes to a whole new slew of beauty wonders… from overseas. If you’ve ever wondered what products your counterparts in Israel, Japan, and the U.K. use to battle the summer heat, prepare to feast your eyes. To help us curate this roundup, we asked our friends at Travel Beauty—a site that curates the best luxe beauty goods from overseas—to share some of their picks. (We added some of ours too, natch.) From a bee venom mask from the U.K. to a Japanese charcoal cleanser, keep scrolling for 13 magical beauty wonders from overseas!