This Is the Only Way to Soothe Your Feet This Party Season



Once sandal season is over, our poor feet often get neglected. When they're tucked up in chunky ankle boots and knitted socks, out of sight is really out of mind. But now's the time to really give your feet some attention, as social calendars get booked up and there's only so much your feet can take in those 5-inch leopard-print heels.

Enter foot soaks: a therapeutic and nourishing way to relax that softens the soles whilst reaping the calming benefits of a bath in half the time (and half the water). You don't even need to invest in a fancy electronic foot spa—you just need a large bowl or bucket that can comfortably fit your feet in.

The next step is to fill it up with hot water. The fun really begins when you start adding in your ingredients. Then pop your weary feet in, sit back and unwind. There's no bathtub draining and you can let your feet, mind and body take a much-needed pause.

We've picked out the best foot soak products for you to create your very own soothing mini bath. Trust us—it's about to become a staple in your Netflix-and-chill routine.