The Best Foods For Fuelling Up Before (And After) A Workout

Exercise takes commitment, determination, and sacrifice. Case in point: you can always find a more appealing alternative to doing squats. You know, like continuing to not do squats. And basically anything seems preferable to crying through a spinning class when you've had a long day at work. 

Yet you continue to make the hard choice, prioritising fitness over whatever else it is you could be doing, to invest in yourself and your health. All the more reason why you should be getting the most out of your sweat sessions—not unknowingly sabotaging one smart decision with a not-so-smart one. We’re talking about eating the wrong foods before and after!

Food can either make or break a work-out, giving you the energy needed to go further and reach your goals, or taxing your body and slowing down your system. Do you know which foods you should be eating and avoiding pre- and post-exercise for best results?

We spoke to Katie Mack, personal trainer at Peak Performance in NYC, for the scoop on exactly what to eat and skip to reach your own peak performance. 

So don't defeat the purpose of your efforts. Next time you forgo a Netflix marathon to hit the gym, fuel up the right way—and make your smart choice worth it. 

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