I Really Think We Should Give Floral Perfume a Second Chance

I know they're not traditionally cool, but I'm really into floral perfumes right now. I mean, if you prune away the layers of fuddy-duddy, old-fashioned reputation laid upon them by our grandmothers' generation, and if you weed out the powdery overbearing blends giving the genre a bad name, I'd go as far as to say that floral fragrances are actually rather chic. Trendy, in fact.

Yes, it's far cooler to stake your fragrance taste claim on something less "pretty" like heady, opiate-style fumes, or swear you'd only wear one of those barely-there unisex waifs of a scent. I get it. I used to feel the same way.

But recently I've opened up my décolletage to a flurry of roses, bunches of poppies and handfuls of tulips. My wrists have been swiped with droplets of hibiscus pollen and rubbed with lilacs. And you know what? I'm really digging it.

No longer do these floral fragrances smell prim, like the olfactory equivalent of a scalloped-hem blouse. No, the new guard of floral perfumes have much more gusto than that. They have backbone and bravado, magic and mystique. And they just smell bloody delicious.

Below, you'll see I've picked the new (and not so new) floral fragrances that have perked up my nostrils lately. If you can give up your perfume ego, I'm almost certain you'll find some joy at this end of the note spectrum too.