12 Best Instagram Stars To Follow for Serious Fitness Inspo

Ever get tired of the same old workout routine? Or you're bored of what you're doing in the gym and just not seeing results? Well, have we got a treat for you. As lovers of health and fitness (and chocolate-covered pretzels, although that's another story), we like nothing better than scrolling through our Insta feeds and checking out what our favourite fitness people have been up to, so we can see if we can score any tricks and tips for boosting our workouts and meal plans. 

Whether that's a new diet to help us get into shape that will aid lean muscles or just a new and improved gym session idea, there are plenty of people on Instagram that will motivate you too. As a starting point, we thought it best to introduce you to 12 of our favourites, who constantly push the boundaries when it comes to fitness. 

Click through our gallery below for our pick of the 12 best fitness Instagram accounts and why you need to follow them stat!