Experts Agree: These Are the Best False Eyelashes Under £10

Photo: Stocksy

When it comes to false eyelashes, truth be told, they're a beauty item we reserve for special occasions and major events when we know lots of pictures will be taken. But to achieve such a megawatt A-list–style appearance, do you need to fork out tonnes of cash? Quite simply, no. There are plenty of affordable false eyelashes on the market that are the best for making your eyes look incredible and selfie-ready.

To help you find the best false eyelashes, we've hunted down what the professionals use. And the best bit is they're all under a tenner. Some of their answers might even surprise you, plus they have some great tips on how to apply the lashes, as well as a few hacks. Keep scrolling for the best false eyelashes under £10.

Opening Images: Imaxtree